Born and raised on the island of Maui, Kain Daly inherited his love of the ocean from his parents, Lorraine and David, both avid wind surfers and surfers. Currently sponsored by Dakine and Oakley, Kain is counted among Hawaii's top pro surfers.


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Kain Daly is a professional surfer from the island of Maui. In his amateur career Kain proved he was a force to be reckon with, by making multiple national finals, in both NSSA and Surfing America Championships, as well as making the final series in the ISA World Juniors events, in which he was hand picked by Hawaiiʻs top coaches, to represent the state 4 years in a row, traveling to, Piha Beach, Peru, Panama and Nicaragua. After aging out of amateur events the 22 year-old, has switched his focus outside of competitive surfing and is now a professional free surfer who has traveled to: Mexico, Southern California and the Pacific North West so far this year. His most recent travels have been showcased in short films created in collaboration with Take Shelter Productions.