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Run by Professional Surfer Kain Daly, Kuau Surf Club is a Surfing Camp created to coach Maui's youth and push them to reach their full potential, in and out of the jersey. Members will learn and practice a variety of different competitive strategies that are being used by championship tour professionals today, and will be a huge advantage in amateur and eventually, professional contests. K.S.C members will also be coached on Fundamental and Progressive maneuvers, to ensure their overall surfing ability is tack sharp!




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  • Competition Strategy
  • Fundamental Skill Coaching
  • Aerial Technique Coaching
  • Video Analysis
  • Not Advised for Beginners                                             




  • 2x Hawaii State Champion
  • 3x National Finalist
  • 4x Hawaii World Team Member
  • Coached By Hawaii's most prestigious and successful coaches (ex. Rainos Hayes, Chris Gallagher )




  • 1-OFF ( Pay Per Session ) : $50
  • 1X A WEEK, PER MNTH ( 4 sessions ) : $195
  • 2X A WEEK, PER MNTH ( 8 sessions ) : $395
  • 3X A WEEK, PER MNTH ( 12 sessions ) : $595




*FIll out and Email waiver to

Pay Cash or Check in Person